A podcast about being a cinematographer
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006: The Episode Ed Didn't Post For Three Months

Ben talks bout being super tired from his first 2 weeks on Witless 3, and some secret relationship gossip too.

Ed loves flame bars.

Ben doesn’t mind an easyrig (but only for eyelines http://easyrig.se/).

Ben does love a Litegear Litemat (http://www.litegear.com/).

Ed talks about prepping for Vera and spending long hours in a recce bus.

Ed talks about moving away from movi work for this series a bit.

Ed discusses his lens choice for Vera.

Ed talks about his camera choice, he likes Arri cameras but has a secret love for the Sony F65.

Ben really likes the Alexa sensor because it means he can be lazy with protecting this highlights.

Ed is very diplomatic about all cameras (but he likes Alexa most).

Ben and Ed reminisce about Canon Xl1s and XLH1’S and their funny lenses.

Ed talks about his Canon 5d and how much he loved it.

Ben tells a couple of possibly alternative fact about old school tv cameras and VCT14 tripod plates (https://www.sony.co.uk/pro/product/broadcast-products-camcorders-tripods-supports/vct-14/overview/).

Ed and Ben realise they are becoming THOSE old dp’s talking about old cameras and things.

The podcast gets interrupted by a call from Bens, previously mentioned, girlfriend.

How many working DPs are there in the UK? (Ed knows!)

Ben and Ed talk about the new Sony Venice camera and what they think it might be like (https://www.sony.co.uk/pro/product/broadcast-products-camcorders-digital-motion-picture-camera/venice/specifications/)

Ed really really likes a mirrored shutter.

Ed talks about shooting on film with DP Dale McCready (http://www.dalemccready.com/) and a few beginners film faux pars.

Ben and Ed finally solve digital vs film (they don’t).

Ben finally relishes that having and iPad and Shot Designer might infact be a useful tool (https://www.hollywoodcamerawork.com/shot-designer.html).

Ed thinks someone should update the lighting designer app and talks about Omnigraffle (https://www.omnigroup.com/omnigraffle/ios) and Airtable (https://airtable.com/)

Ben shows off about his Tesla, again.

Ed and Ben gush about the sci fi books of Ian m banks (https://www.iain-banks.net/books/#sf).

Benedict Spence