A podcast about being a cinematographer
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005: More Lighting

  • What Ed and Ben have been up to in the past couple of weeks.
  • Ben’s been shooting pack shots, with white trainers.
  • Ed’s been working in Bucharest and staying in nice hotels.
  • Ed talks a lot about his cat flap security setup.
  • Talk about keeping lighting simple, stupid.
  • Lighting fashion shoots and what your favourite Briese light size.
  • Plus how do you pronounce Briese?
  • Ben and Ed talk about lighting people. Should you be giving women different treatment to men?
  • Ed and Ben talk about studying actors faces while lighting them (and freaking them out in the process).
  • Funny Stories about light meters from Ed.
  • Funny stories about Naomi Campbell and Masterattis from Ben.
  • Ed and Ben both talk about how they behave on set, first day set etiquette and dodging being bullied (lets call it what it is) by John Cleese.
  • Ben channels his inner David Brent and talks about Fun Games. Including Set Assassin and The Camera Name Game.
  • Ordering custom clapperboards from English Stix http://www.englishstix.com/
  • The current medical assessment of Ed’s cat, Deakins.
  • And both share embarrassing knowledge of the songs from Aladdin (1992).
Benedict Spence