A podcast about being a cinematographer
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004: Lighting and Gaffers

  • Ed and Ben talk about the launch of the podcast
  • Ed’s been grading his big sexy drama and did a whole LUT thing
  • Ben’s been shooting tons of fashion with his shiny trainers and lots of Briese light
  • We decide to discuss lighting and solve everything once and for all
  • Whether a gaffer is a robot or a creative collaborator
  • How a DP hiring a gaffer is like a director hiring a DP
  • How to describe what you’re after to a gaffer
  • Ed’s number 1 thing that’s annoying about some gaffers
  • Ed’s still looking for his dream gaffer
  • The two ways to be a member of crew (and one’s bad)
  • Ben makes a confession about diffusion
  • Ed and Stephen Murphy’s textile test -   http://content.edmooredop.com/ragstest/
  • Ed shows off about Lee gel numbers
  • LEDs and colour
  • Ed hates burned out gel
  • We both love Skypanels
  • Gel numbers vs DMX values
  • The light Ed wants someone to make
  • Our favourite lights OF ALL TIME
  • Thinking in terms of radiosity
  • Lighting with high ISOs
  • Ben loves tungsten
  • Ed is skeptical about double bounces / book lights
  • Ben describes the LED-Industrial Complex
  • Where to start with a lighting kit list
Benedict Spence