A podcast about being a cinematographer



About the podcast

Tailslate was conceived in the summer of 2017 as a relaxed podcast about the realities of life as a cinematographer. We'd be delighted if you subscribed. And rated us. The rating is very important for our fragile DP egos...

Why should I care?

You can see if you like the look of us over here. The idea was to do a podcast from the point of view of two DPs that are neither just starting out, nor super-mega-ultrastars (there's the ASC podcast for that, and we also like Kodakery).

How can I tell you you're completely wrong about something?

Our our Facebook page is probably the best place to do that. You can also find us on twitter at @tailslatefm.

What will you be talking about and how often?

How often depends on our schedules but we think about every couple of weeks.

Some future topic ideas might include: set etiquette; where jobs come from; relationships with key crew; maintaining a life outside the industry; diversity in filmmaking; camera blocking; lighting approaches; career planning and more.

All hopefully with a degree of levity - we think a lot of this stuff can easily be taken way too seriously...

This is amazing, how can I support the show?

Please subscribe on iTunes and rate us! We'd also love your help spreading the word about the show through your own channels.

It's weird listening to a show not sponsored by Squarespace and Casper mattresses

Give us time...